Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Was lost but now I'm found - and BACK!!

I've been away for quite a long time, I know. It's not because I haven't been working on things. Quite the opposite, actually. I started a new job and it took me a while to get adjusted to the new conditions. Going from being a full time mom for three years to working a full time job, having a nanny picking up my kids and generally speaking having a LOT less time, was so overwhelming. But six months after, I began to fill the itch of crafting again and so I've been trying to find time for creating here and there, whenever I can, and little by little I feel confident with the thought of writing here without disappointing my audience with the long pauses that might yet to come between the posts, because I now feel that this blog is really from myself to myself as a way to document my work. I hope you all still joiin me in my prolonged journey.

After this long introduction, I will not keep you from checking out my progress in my rainbow crochet blanket. I'm proud to say that all the squares are joined together and I'm now working on the border of the blanket. Here are some picture for you to enjoy.

Some of the squares
Some other squares

All the squares are joined. On to the border...

Three layers of border - two types of blue and cream

Wonderful crisp corner

I am continuing my work on the border and hopefully will finish soon and will be able to show you the finished blanket.

In the meantime, you're can check my progress on my facebook page or on my Instagram or Twitter, which I update on a much frequent basis.

It's great to be here again. See you next time :)

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