Monday, March 16, 2015

How To Mend Holes Using Crochet Patches

If you have children, you are no stranger to knee holes. And if you're still a stranger to knee holes, don't worry! Your kids are probably too young and you'll get your chance.

From my experience, knee holes are the kind of holes my child gets when he plays soccer with his friends and he REALLY has to stop that ball from getting in the goal. So he slides on the ground (or the grass, if I'm lucky) because he simply HAS to, even at the cost of ripping a hole in his pants, right at knee level. And after stopping the ball and saving his team he comes home, and I immediately spot the hole and say "Again??". But no worries there, I just pull out my trusty crochet hook and in no time at all I have the hole all patched and done. This is how it looks from the inside:

From now on, you can do it too. Just crochet yourself a circle big enough to cover the hole plus a little extra on the sides and then stitch it to the pants on top of the hole. Make sure you completely cover the hole and that it is centered behind the middle of the patch. You can find an excellent pattern and explanation for flat circles over at Pink Mambo.

You can make the circle in the same color as the pants or even in a contrasting color for extra fun. You can also use this technique to mend holes in other places and garments, like elbow holes, sweaters and blankets,

So what do you say? Doesn't that look great?

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