Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Singer Quantum 9600 and a List of Sewing Projects

Finally, I bought a new sewing machine!
My old one was my mother's. It was a great sewing machine and I had it since my mother passed away. I used it for quite a lot of projects including a few quilts, blankets, dresses for my daughter and even an occasional hem mending :)

About a year ago, a plastic strip that was responsible for changing the machine between the different stitches, broke. I took it to a technician that said that he has no spare parts for this type of strip so he improvised. Since you can setup a zigzag stitch to have no width at all, which means that it's basically a straight line stitch, he got the machine to the position of the zigzag stitch and secured it in place. This means that I could only use the straight line and the zigzag stitches instead of the 25 different stitches on the machine. I didn't mind much because these are truly the most important and frequently used stitches, and from a sentimental point of view I was also happy to keep working on my mother's machine.

On the first sewing attempt after the visit to the technician, I found out that I have a bigger problem on my hands. The machine would only go backwards. I tried fixing it by myself using a few tips I read online but with no success. Since I had to fix a hem on some new trousers, I ended up doing the hem backwords.

After some thought, and careful consideration I decided not to fix the old machine but to buy a new one. The fixing cost verses the price of a new one just left me without any doubts. I decided to buy the Singer Quantum 9600 and so far I'm very pleased. I haven't had much chance to really work on it yet, but I have played with it and it's gazillion stitches as soon as it arrived about two weeks ago. 

And now that I have my new machine ready, I must go on with my sewing projects, one by one:
1. Finishing off the binding of the baby quilt I started a while back.
2. Making much more of my fabric covered notebooks.
3. Making some skirts for my daughter.
4. Reupholstering our piano stool.

Not to mention hamming a pair of pants, finally making curtains in the kids' bedrooms, and trying other projects that I set aside for this day to come.

How about you? What type of sewing machine do you use? What are you working on now?
I'd love to hear about it.

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