Thursday, October 15, 2015

Starting Moogly's Rainbow Blanket

Look at these beautiful colorful sqaures. They make me so happy and excited.

Crochet Squares for Moogly's Rainbow Blanket

I made them according to Moogly's Rainbow Blanket Instructions.

The only different thing in my design is that while Moogly's blanket is a square, mine is designed to be a rectangle, so I made twelve different squares instead of Moogly's eight.
Also, her squares are bigger then mine. I used 100% cotton yarn and a 3 mm hook while her yarn is thicker and she used a 5 mm hook. This also means that I will have to do much more squares from each color to have a big enough blanket.

As long as it keeps me busy :)

I will update on my progress as the blanket progresses.

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