Thursday, October 1, 2015

Done: Crochet Granny Squares Pillow Cover

One of the very first items I made when I first started crocheting was a little granny square pillow cover. This was at a time when I was fed up with the little projects that I experimented in while learning the different stitches and techniques. I felt like making something meaningful that I could show everyone and use everyday. Always practical...

At the same time I came across the famous granny square that has so many variations that even today I find myself amazed by it's beauty and versatility. I decided to start making squares in an attempt to make a blanket. After a few sqaures I realized that the squares are too small and that I would have to make a lot, A LOT, of squares for a decent size blanket, so I improvized and turned them into a pillow cover.

Granny Square Pillow Cover

I joined the squares together and made a nice border using sc around all of them. Then I crocheted the back of the pillow, using dc stitches, and made two pieces that overlap. I left four holes for buttons and stitched the cover all around using whip stitch. I used vintage buttons from my own stash. The buttons are shiny and have a special texture. I think they give the back side an interesting look.

Granny Square Pillow Cover - Back Side

Shiny Vintage Buttons

It turned out quite small. It's almost a sqaure (25 cm by 24 cm), and since I don't have a pillow this size, I had to sew one from scratch. This wasn't the only project I was working on, and the sewing of the inner pillow was put aside for when I'll have more time, which obviously never happened until yesterday. I organized my little studio in the beginning of the week, found the cover and decided to finish this project once and for all. Yesterday I made the time and sewed the pillow (only took about 15 minutes, including stuffing it) and now I have this beautiful little pillow on my sofa.

My New Pillow in My Living Room

I love it and I'm very proud of it.

Another project finished, off to the next one!!

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