Sunday, July 19, 2015

Done: Crochet Bulky Bowl In Dark Grey And Purple Ribbon - Free Pattern Included

Bulky Crochet Bowl in Dark Grey and Purple Ribbon
I made this bowl a while ago from bulky acrylic yarn in dark grey. It has a lovely texture because of the FPTC (front post double crochet) that I used all around it.

At first, it was just plain and grey (without the ribbon) and I was very happy with it the way it was, but after a while I got bored with it and wanted to add a splash of color to it. I didn't have other colors of the same exact kind of yarn I used (I did have that same particular yarn in light grey but I wanted to add COLOR), but I had an idea that will add not only color but also texture. I searched in my ribbon stash and found a beautiful rich purple satin ribbon and decided to thread it through all around the FPTC stitches. I tied up the loose ends with a little bow knot, ET VOILA! A splash of color in less than a minute.

Isn't that much better??

A little splash of color using a purple ribbon
And now for the fun part that you've all been waiting for - the pattern:

This bowl is really easy to make, and other than the FPTC stitch which is not a very common one (although it's not difficult at all, I assure you), it's a very straight forward pattern.

If you want to do the bowl that I did, you'll need bulky yarn. Mine was 100% Acrylic and called for 7-8 mm crochet hook, but I found it too stiff  so I used 10 mm hook. It doesn't really matter, it will just change the dimensions a bit. I also don't have an accurate gauge. If this was a sweater it would have been important but since it's just a bowl I don't see the point in sticking to a specific gauge, as long as your crochet stitches are consistent throughout your work.

Well, back to the pattern -

These are the stitches you'll need to know in order to make the bowl: dc (double crochet), fptc (click here for an excellent video), sl st to join each round.

Round 1: Ch 1, ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), 11 dc into 4th ch from hook, join with sl st into the 3rd chain that makes the 1st dc (12 st).
Round 2: Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), dc into same st, 2 dc into next st and each st around, join with sl st (24 st).
Round 3: Repeat Round 2 (48 st).
Round 4: Ch 3, dc into same st, dc into next 3 st, *2 dc into next st and dc into next 3 st*. Repeat between * to end of round and join with sl st (60 st).
Round 5: Ch 3, fptc around same st, *dc into next st, fptc into next st*. Repeat between * to end of round and join with sl st (30 dc and 30 fptc).
Round 6: Sl st into next st, ch 3, fptc around first dc from previous round, *dc into fptc from previous round, fptc around next st*. Repeat between * to end and join with sl st.
Round 7: Repeat round 6 until you reach your desired height( I did 4 rounds in total).
Final Round: Finish with a round of sc into each st and join with sl st.

And you're done... Take a step back and admire your work!!

Can you see the texture??

The texture of the fptc is interesting enough, but if you want you can make it with one or all of the following variations:
1. Add a satin ribbon, as I explained in the first part of the post.

2. If you don't have a ribbon, you can also use a different color of yarn and thread it around as if it was a ribbon. You may have to use a few strands, but it can be very interesting.

3. Change the yarn color after a few rounds to make an interesting and colorful bowl.

4. Add embellishment, like buttons, pins, crochet flower, or whatever you can think of to make your bowl unique.

So... what are you waiting for? Take out your yarn and try it.
You can have a bowl in no time at all - I should make it into a slogan :)

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