Thursday, August 27, 2015

Done: A Cute Crochet Purse For My Daughter

I like making bags and purses. I'm always looking for the perfect bag to fit my needs. That's why I often end up making my own :)

My daughter is too young to have a real need for a purse (she's 7 years old), but also likes them and uses them to keep her little things in.

Recently I made her a little crochet purse. It is very cute and light and made from 100% cotton yarn in Marsala color, which makes it trendy too.

Cute Crochet Purse for Girls in Marsala

I used dc stitches with the smallest hook size recommended for this yarn (hook no 3.0) because I wanted to keep my "fabric" tight and close. This is very critical when making a purse or a bag because you don't want your things falling out. I like the texture that the dc stitches are forming.

Back of the Purse: Nice Texture Using dc Stitches

The front of the purse has a nice and lacy half circle that closes with a button in the same color.

Front of Purse: Nice and Lacy

For the handle I made a cord using the lobster stitch. I used this wonderful photo tutorial.
The handle is attached to the purse body with two clasps. You can detach the handle and then you can use the purse inside a bigger handbag. How convenient!

Detachable Lobster Stitch Handle

I liked it so much that I immediately went and made another one for myself, only in gold color :)

All that it's missing is a little handle which I plan to make as a wristlet handle, rather than the long shoulder handle I used on my daughter's purse. I also think that maybe I'll line mine to add a little more body to it and make it a little more sturdy and durable. Will update as soon as it's done.

They are quite small because they are meant to be little girl's purses, but I can also use it as a clutch to hold my keys and phone while I go out to run some errands.

What do you think??

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