Thursday, April 23, 2015

Done: Black Cosmetics Crochet Pouch

Black Crochet Pouch - All Done!!

Today I finished my second crochet pouch, and I LOVE it!!
The first cosmetics pouch I did was the turqoise pouch. This second one is made with black cotton yarn with a metallic string which makes it very festive and suitable for every occasion.

Black Crochet Pouch - A Closer Look
The flower motif is made using a cream cotton yarn with the same metallic string, to match the body of the pouch. It is sewed to the back of the pouch about third way down.

Black Crochet Pouch - A Look From Behind

The pouch closes with a vintage button from my own personal stash that compliments the colors and the feel of the pouch.

Black Crochet Pouch - Open

This pouch is also very customable, which means that it can be crocheted using any type and color of yarn. Off course that if you'll use different types of yarn the dimensions can change accordingly.

Anyway, I'm very pleased with the result and hope to make more like it.

You can find it in my shop.

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